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A company in the Ionian

The island is generous and has something for everyone. He generously shares his moments and goodies with us. After the bath and while the iodine and salt are still on our lips, a nod is enough…. Groups, hungry for life and good times, are created spontaneously. Friends who become family and families who party as friends. Around a table they share tastes and moments. He opens the fridge and until the food is ready, the best appetizers are made with whatever is available. A loaf of warm bread and the wine in the glasses signal the sharing. A pan with stuffing from the day before, some mortadella, artichokes that went into the oil in the spring, the octopus that became thick and the sardine that became marinated, should be there for such occasions. The rooster had entered the piñata from early on to become a pasticado. Its aroma exudes the passion of the hostess and intoxicates young and old alike. Finally, a cool and light cream between buttery layers of puff pastry, winks at everyone and seals the pleasure as a memory in us until the next time.

Aristotelis Megoulas, Chef.

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