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The taste like a melody of the Greek summer.

The taste like a melody of the Greek summer.

The lyrics describe a moment, a story, a fairy tale. The singer brings it to life with the tone of his voice and the theatricality of his performance. The melody of the musicians is what clothes them and permeates our whole body. It changes our mood, it transports us, it makes us partakers, it makes our heart skip a beat and you replay it in our mind at all times almost uncontrollably. The songwriters, these great artists are often company and inspiration for my own creative process.

This is what I strive for every day with the dishes and hospitality at the restaurant. I choose the best local ingredients and with them on the plate I tell a story…a story I want to share, drawn from the experiences, memories and imagination of the child I keep alive inside me.

And the stories I am telling now are about the unique Greek summer…here…in the Ionian Sea…in Corfu…the island of hospitality and music…

The group performs the show. The melody comes from the sounds of the kitchen, the descriptions of the dishes, the clinking of glasses, the moments of silence and the exclamation after the first bite, from the smiles and shouts. The taste is one that will remain engraved and return as desire to the mind almost uncontrollably and we will be here for yet another summer interpretation.

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